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HTMA Welcomes Crucial New Production Volunteers

March 06, 20232 min read

I am delighted to announce that HTMA has entered into an entire new era in our coffeehouse and concert production.

For the first time since about 1990, HTMA productions will benefit from having a professional sound technician working on stage set-up and running the house mix. We have contracted with Tye Davis to do this work. George Williams and I spent some time with Tye going over the features of HTMA PA gear and the sound quality we have been aiming to achieve at our productions. I think Tye is an excellent addition to the coffeehouse production team.

Tye’s job requires getting a handle on the performers and their instruments, the performance environment, and even the weather. Keeping track of every element in a large band is tough, and adjusting each audio channel to make the band sound their best is challenging.

In addition to Tye Davis joining the HTMA crew, I want to thank Phil Searcy for staying on board as our key production logistics person. Phil started in this volunteer position after the August coffeehouse, when he loaded up the collected HTMA PA and light gear in his Honda Pilot and carried it home. Phil’s job is essential for most HTMA performances, and it isn’t an easy job.

Our load-out includes fourteen packages, the largest the 40-pound main speakers, down to a small bag for DI boxes and cables. Every gig bag gets unpacked and set up at the venue, and after the show gets repacked and loaded in the car for the ride home. But Phil still has to unload all the gear out of his car after he gets home. This is a huge commitment, and the HTMA community owes Phil a ton of appreciation for offering to take it on. It’s definitely a labor of love.

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Jerry LeCroy

Jerry LeCroy: Publications / HTMA Past President

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