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Microwave Dave and Friends Headline June 27 HTMA Coffeehouse

June 16, 20237 min read

On Tuesday, June 27, Dave Gallaher, Aka Microwave Dave, and friends will headline the HTMA coffeehouse at Burritt Museum. Most of you are probably familiar with local legend, Microwave Dave – more on him in a minute. However, you may not be familiar with his young and talented friends who will be joining him for “Acoustic Blues in the Round” Josh Taylor is a young, but extremely talented finger style guitar player. Visit his FaceBook page at and watch some of his videos at and The other young musician friend is Luke Johnston - a Cigar Box and musical Stringed Shovel artist. That should be interesting! Now, if somehow you are not aware of Dave’s music, fame and accomplishments, I’ve included some links and national reviews at the bottom of this email.

 Advance tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at  But don’t delay, as on-line advance ticket sales will end when capacity is reached or by Tuesday afternoon, the day of the concert. Tickets at the door will be $12 cash and children 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult. The pews are back, so remember to bring cushions. Lynne Edmondson & friends will open the coffeehouse at 7:00, with a thirty minute set.

  For more information on Microwave Dave, see and

 "Dave Gallaher, aka Microwave Dave, is a talented Alabama-based bluesman who incorporates cigar box guitars into his electric and acoustic shows, as well as an instrument called the Lowebow. Played with a slide, the Lowebow is a deadly weapon in the right hands." - PREMIER GUITAR, August 2009

 Best Blues Artist & Best Jazz Artist: MICROWAVE DAVE - VALLEY PLANET, Numerous Years

 "The charisma and approach to each song makes you forget who else might have recorded it. That alone is not an easy task. These three pull it off from track to track. These guys were born to be recorded live and raw. The atmosphere resonates off the disc and brings you to the show." BLUESWAX, April 2008

 "Blistering, industrial-strength blues-rock served up with great variety. Gallaher can roar and holler with the best." - BLUES REVUE, May 2007

 "If you missed the National Public Radio broadcast of "Michael Feldman's Whad'ya Know?" here's what you didn't hear: a stellar performance by local blues musicians Microwave Dave & The Nukes (Feldman was visibly impressed)." HUNTSVILLE TIMES, November 2006

 "Microwave Dave delivered a mesmerizing performance (at the Legends of The Blues Festival) on his home-made (Diddley-bow like) guitar." - MUSIC NEWS NASHVILLE, June 2006

 "Microwave Dave cooks his blues." - CHATTANOOGA TIMES FREE PRESS, February 2006

 "Anarchic soloing… Idiosyncratic… Ironically stylish… Dave's singular chops are as impressive as they are aberrant." - LIVING BLUES, December 2005

 "Unpredictable, risky but generally successful, certainly exciting… A guitar tour-de-force."

BLUES & RHYTHM (UK), Summer 2005

 "Trail Of Tears", an evocative slide piece, heats to a jaw-dropping crescendo over seven minutes."

BLUES REVUE, Spring 2005

 "A dynamite, world class blues show-from the band's first song I could tell that this amalgam was a first class outfit." - ENTERTAINING U (Jacksonville, FL), February 2005

 "2003 Top Southern Blues Releases: Atomic Electric, Microwave Dave & the Nukes."

"2003 Best Southern Blues Band: Microwave Dave & The Nukes (tie with J Lapalme and Roadhouse)."

"2003 Best Southern Blues Guitarist/Modern: Microwave Dave Gallaher."

REAL BLUES (Canada), Spring/Summer 2004

 "'Microwave' Dave Gallaher damn near vaporizes his strings. . . GUITAR ONE, January 2004

 "All in all, Microwave Dave & The Nukes are ballistic." - BLUESARTSTUDIO (Vienna, Austria), Jan. 2004

 "Microwave Dave & The Nukes display the kind of unwritten understanding of what the blues is meant to be. They have across-the-board talent with a subtle, 'we've got the goods' swagger."


 "This Alabama trio has everything a blues fan could want: impeccable taste; a steady, no-frills rhythm section; and in Microwave Dave Gallaher, a first-rate guitar individualist." - BLUES REVUE, November 2003

 "Some of the best pickers ever to set foot over the Alabama state line to carry their music to the world."


 "Huntsville's own Microwave Dave & The Nukes showed why the group had a large, enthusiastic crowd in front of the WTAK stage. Dave's interpretations of Muddy Waters' classic blues and his tribute to Bo Diddley held the fans enthralled." - HUNTSVILLE TIMES (Alabama), September 2002

 "… Then Dave brought out the cigar-box guitar for a thrilling set that left a packed Cotton Club awestruck."


 "Microwave Dave plays with enough energy to nuke a couple of frozen dinners with each chord he blazes through." - BLUES ACCESS, Summer 2001

 "His axe drips seductive honey. . . His taste in covers is impeccable. If you're looking for wiry, tightly-wound good-time raunch, this'll fill you up." - BLUES REVUE, August 2001

 "Rife with crackling songs that bounce off a variety of bases, all of 'em apt to give the body a case of the shakes." - HITTIN' THE NOTE, Summer 2001

 "The distorted guitar and foot stomping harkens back to the Detroit sounds of a half century ago."

LIVING BLUES, April 2001

 "Dave has a terrific stage personality. He makes you feel like he's playing for a bunch of friends who happened to drop in." - ATLANTA BLUES SOCIETY NEWS, August 2001

 "The overriding focus is Gallaher's excellent guitar playing. His slide, a fine mix of precision and grit, is the sound of a player who's payed dues aplenty." - BLUES REVUE, February 2000

 "You missed a blow away performance if you missed Microwave Dave & The Nukes at 4th & 23rd last Thursday night. Dave, Rick and Skip thrilled the packed club with over three hours of classic and new Nukes stuff." - ALABAMA BLUES SOCIETY, October 1999

 "This band deserves high marks as a true blues band that is keeping alive the blues tradition while adding originality and personality to the music." - BLUES REVUE, October 1997

 "Microwave Dave-he's a blues man!" - BOBBY 'BLUE' BLAND, WJAB radio liner, May 1997

 "Dave turned the public into a shouting and dancing crowd and such moments were very rare with the other bands. After their performance at the Belgian Bluesnight in Bruges, Microwave Dave and his friends were given unanimous applause by the national press." - BACK TO THE ROOTS MAGAZINE (Belgium), May 1996

 "They tear things up on the fast numbers but also play slow blues with conviction. There's some wicked guitar and slide playing by Gallaher." - WESTCOAST BLUES REVIEW (Canada), May 1996

 "The Nukes can play raunchy and raw blues, but also smooth and soulful. Not easy to pull off, but it succeeds here." - BALTIMORE BLUES SOCIETY, April 1996

 "These guys kick up a shoeful of traditional dirt-poor and hungry instrumental dust. Strong guitar work brings muscle memory of the great masters." - KANSAS CITY BLUES SOCIETY, March 1996

 "From the hard rocking sounds of Chicago to the raw earthy sounds of the delta with a few stops in between."


 "A bunch of guys who realize the roots of the blues and use that knowledge to leave their audience with the idea that blues should 'make you feel good'. This was a very tight group! Microwave Dave can very much tear up a guitar." - MUSIC CITY BLUES NEWS (Nashville, TN), November 1993

 "Fine vocals and a real affinity for West Coast blues . . . put them way ahead of most of the rest of the pack."

BLUES & RHYTHM (UK), July 1993

 "All the bands delivered high-powered blues and were well-received, but the hit of the day was of course, Microwave Dave. He was met at the stage by dozens of cheering fans!" - THE EXPONENT (UAH-Huntsville, AL), October 1992

 Bob Hicks (HTMA Publicity)

Bob Hicks

HTMA Publicity Chair

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